Singlehood --> Wifehood

“Carry yourself as a girlfriend and you’ll get a boyfriend. Carry yourself as a WIFE, you’ll get a Husband."

A woman is not a wife because of the ring that she carries, she’s a wife before she’s married, and then comes her King. While you’re here on this earth, the same way that you work on wifehood for your future husband is the same per- spective that you have to have when preparing for Jesus, your eternal husband — whom is coming back soon for His bride—> YOU! 🏽 When you know who you are and whose you are, you carry yourself differently. Realize that you’re taken already by your eternal husband, Jesus.. you’re earthly husband is BORROWING YOU. Marriage is ministry. Know that marriage is not for pleasure or satisfaction. It’s for A PURPOSE that God wants to fulfill through you and your significant other. Let the Kingdom Business prosper.🏾

- a snippet from Jazlyn’s NEW Book

: “Your King is Coming.”🖤🤍🤎

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