The Resume

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Jazlyn Pipkins



Graduated: December 2019 

Felician University Rutherford, NJ

B.A. Exercise Sports Science


Graduated: May 2017

Cedar Valley Community College Dallas, TX

Lancaster, TX

Associate Degree, Business Management and Administration



  • Member of Phi Theta Kappa (2017)

  • President's Honor Roll (2017)

  • All Academics MAC (2017)

  • Who’s Who Award: 4.0 GPA Academic Excellence (2017)

  • Senator of Athletics at Felician University (May 2018)

  • Young Entrepreneur’s Club Representative (2018)

  • President of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (August 2018- December 2019)

  • Final Four All Tournament Award in Volleyball (November 2019)

  • 1st Place Conference Champions in Volleyball (November 2019)


  • Athletic Training Internship: assisting in helping athletes return to their sports, extenuating the amount of pain day by day and performing procedures on them such as:  Apply protective or injury-preventive devices such as tape, bandages, and braces. Recognize and evaluate injuries. Provide first aid or emergency care. Develop and carry out rehabilitation programs for injured athletes. Plan and implement comprehensive programs to prevent injury and illness among athletes. Perform administrative tasks such as keeping records and writing reports on injuries and treatment programs.

  • University’s Spokesperson: Speak in front of judges at Town Hall meetings in order to win cases such as the new Recreation Center on Campus. Interviews done by channel 8 news for the latest debate in Town Hall Meetings. Host Orientation Days for transfer students or Incoming Freshman. Alumni Board Representative. 

  • Senator for Athletics: Make decisions for the improvement of the  weightroom and give suggestions to the President of the University to make sure the school is benefiting athletics.

  • President of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee: Plan Fundraising, Awareness Activities, Community Services, Mentorship Programs. Contact coaches and players to make sure athletes are successful academically, mentally, physically, emotionally, and relationally. Keeping NCAA voting rights up to date as well as joining Conference Calls with CACC President of SAAC.  

  • Captain of Volleyball and Track team: Make sure everyone is in uniform and at practice on time. Giving instruction on drills, holding others accountable, resolving conflict. Uplifting one another. 

  • Lamar National Bank Customer Service Representative:


  • 9/15/16-5/05/17 Weight Room- (Work Study Job)

  • 7/18/17- 8/2/17 GNC (Vitamin and Protein Shoppe)

  • 4/2/18-5/9/18: Felician University weight room Position/ Yoga instructor: Assistant  (work study): Open/close, clean equipment, take ID’s, rack weights

  • 6/15/18-8/3/18: HIBBET SPORTS

  • 8/29/18- 5/9/19-8/29/19- Felician University Weight room

  •  8/29/18-12/13/19: Felician University Athletic Department:  Soccer games:  set up tent, film game, ball thrower. Basketball game: mop floors, set up chairs. Volleyball game: set up net, take down net.

  • 1/17/20-5/23/20: Boys and Girls Club

  • 6/18/20-present: Lamar National Bank: maintaining a positive and professional Attitude of empathy at all times towards customers. Processing forms, applications, and requests. Keeping records of customers transactions, comments and inquiries. Using critical and innovative thinking towards all scenarios. 


  • Sports Training and Coordination

  • Motivational Speaking

  • Mentorship

  • Enthusiastic and charismatic 

  • Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills

  • Great planner and highly organized

  • People-oriented 

  • Innovative thinker, creative, and highly energetic 

  • Multitasking and Listening

  • Patient and diligent 

  • Team player

  • Microsoft excel 



  • July 20-August 13: Boys and Girls Club- Training(sports) and Mentoring children(20 hours/week)

  • October 10, 2015: RA Conference(2 Hours)- Working conference, check in, collecting presentation evaluations, and directing conference delegates.

  • August 25, 2015: Leadership Honors Program

  • December 19, 2015: Salvation Army, Distribution Day at Christmas Warehouse(2 Hours)

  • November 3, 2015: Salvation Army: Bell Ringing(5 Hours)

  • November 23, 2016: Salvation Army (Serving Food) (4pm-6:30pm)

  • March 2017: Transform Dallas: Painting inside of Conrad High School (9am-12am)

  • June 2017: Boys and Girls Club: Motivational Speaking engagement (10:00am-11:30am)

  • May 2017: Paris High School Girls’ Athletic Program: Motivational Speaking Engagement (8:30am-9:30am)/(11:30am-12:30pm)

  • July 2018: Cedar valley women’s volleyball: speech engagement  

  • April 2018: Felician University Men’s soccer team Yoga Instructor

  • December 2019: Paris High School Speaking Engagement 

  • December 2019: Paris Middle School Speaking Engagement

  • January 2019: North Lamar Middle School Speaking Engagement