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Who is Jazlyn Pipkins?


Jazlyn Pipkins is a Health Coach and Personal trainer who graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Exercise Sports Science and Associates in Business Administration. In 2015, she converted her life to Christ and began to discover her personal call, purpose, and God’s plan for her life. She has a passion for people and loves to mentor and support young lives. She has a desire to empower others to develop their relationship with Christ and discover their-God-Given gifts and talents. Jazlyn is proficient at helping others reach their goals and obtain success spiritually, physically , mentally , and relationally.

Jazlyn believes that God didn't create us to be one dimensional but to prosper in all areas of our lives.


The True Meaning Behind this Brand.

  • One day in class, God gave me the name “Jazzletics”. He soon changed it to Jazleticz with a 'z' for zeal --“zeal for the lord” (Romans 10:2). People always said that they wanted to be “athletic like Jaz”  or “athletically built like Jaz”. God later told me that it’s more than that. 

  • Jazleticz is a Fitness Ministry that signifies Athleticism in the Spirit. Meaning that although I train athletes and people with certain fitness goals, I’m training them to be Athletic for God. I teach my clients that when they train, they are training for God and competing to receive that Heavenly crown-- not just worldly accomplishments or external satisfaction (1 Corinthians 9:24-27). By losing weight, they’re losing the weight of sin and burdens (Hebrews 12:1). By gaining muscle, they’re gaining strength and wisdom  to help them endure this Heavenly Marathon on earth.

  • Jazleticz is not just about being fit, it’s about being fit for God. Spiritually Fit! This is a movement of Spiritual Fitness and Endurance for the Body, Mind, and Soul. Fit for Love & Fit for Life! It’s a Marathon. God wants us to run this race and finish it for His glory (Acts 20:24).

"God gave me the zeal for this brand specifically to inspire others to not only want to enhance their fitness physically but also spiritually in every area of their life. 

The foundation of my brand is set upon God Himself. Every advice, fitness plan, or health coaching will always be backed up by scripture and starting out with prayer. We will never cease to or be ashamed of expressing our acknowledgement of  how great our God is, all that He’s done for us.. and all that He will do. "

- Jazlyn Pipkins

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